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Our Children Beliefs

We love children, period! With three of our own, we’ve learned a thing or two about the importance of a nap, just how unpredictable they can be, and that the crazier you are, the more they like you! Children really are so innocent, and when you capture that moment, you’ll know it.

So how do we capture that moment… timing and patience. We know that children only have a certain amount of time before they just decide that they are done so time is of the essence. Here is where the magic is… having both of us (Shane and Sunny) in the camera room. There are very few times where we can’t make buddies with about any child, old or small. We encourage bringing in familiar toys, blankets, books, anything to make them more comfortable. We’re gonna be playing a lot!

If you’re looking for the best baby program to document your child/children’s first year, I encourage you to look at our Baby Face Collection. Children change a thousand times in their 1st year. We are the only studio offering 5 sessions in there 1st year with a complete custom made album showcasing all of your favorite images from each session. We also offer a baby registry! How great is that! To be able to give to your loved ones an entire year of firsts made by their little ones; I can’t tell you how popular of a trend that this has become.

Ya Gotta Have Shane and Sunny!



All selections are done via projection approximately one week after your session.


Session fees:

Indoor or Outdoor………….    Newborns (14 days and younger) ….. Call for more information


We offer a wide variety of products including:
  • Wall decor
  • Gift prints
  • Custom Albums
  • Folios
  • Collages and more!


At Shane & Sunny Portrait Artists we allow YOU to create your OWN package!

The average price for an 8×10 is $129 but can get as low as $103!!!
Our average newborn & children session purchase is $800-$1600

Please call for more details!   402.792.0056

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