Black and White Relationships

We want to encompass relationships through black and white in a manner that brings their beauty, details, and emotions to the surface. These portraits will allow you to look into their eyes and feel those sweet hearts that you have come to love. It’s not about clothes.  It’s not about distractions.  It’s about the soul.  It’s about that sparkle. It’s about love.

All orders are placed at our studio via projection immediately following your session.

Session fees:

Indoor or Outdoor…………. $299

We offer a wide variety of products including:
  • Wall decor
  • Gift prints
  • Custom Albums
  • Collages and more!
At Shane & Sunny Portrait Artists we allow YOU to create your OWN package!

Wall Portrait collections available, gift prints start at $149
Our average relationship session investment is $1000-$3000

Please call for more details!   402.792.0056

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